Let job applicants demonstrate their skills with the same software they'll use on the job
Test a wide range of candidates
Evaluate skills with the key business software your team uses every day, streamed via browser, without worrying about licenses or hardware. Do it all in a controlled environment that tests skills and measures efficiency.
Designed for recruiters and candidates
Candidates get to show off their skills and recruiters can publish and evaluate tests to find the most talented fit for their teams. Manage and track the entire evaluation process to raise standards and hire faster.
Features to create the perfect testing environment
Invite candidates. Create your tests and easily invite multiple candidates via email. Candidates can take tests anywhere with just a browser.
Instant notifications. Be notified when your candidate has submitted their test for evaluation, and manage workflow across the hiring team.
Grade and evaluate. Grade, assess and evaluate test responses. Use test recordings to see how candidates approach problems and find solutions.
Hire with confidence. Hire the best performing candidates with certainty they have the necessary skills to do the job.
One and done. Easily use the same test across multiple hires and gain insights into candidate behaviors over time.
Software without stress. Test skills with essential software from Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk and more without managing licenses or hardware.